How to Get Started With Home Insurance in Cumming

If you’re a homeowner in Cumming, GA, home insurance is something you’d want to consider. The Nolan Group in Cumming will help you with home insurance. The company has a team of experts that provides the needed information to guide you on everything to know about home insurance. 

Read this guide to know how to get started with home insurance in Cumming. 

Getting Started With a Home Insurance Policy in Cumming

When you’re looking for a home insurance policy for the first time, you need to consider several things. It’s crucial to get credible details to help you make the right decision with your home insurance. 

Consider the Limits on Liability Coverage and Personal Property

You need to check if the set limit on your belongings is sufficient to cover everything you possess. You should know which items fall where to see the approach to take when shopping for insurance. With expensive items such as jewelry and art, you might have to consider additions such as insurance rider for full coverage. 

Know the Exclusions

A standard home insurance policy doesn’t cover everything in your home. You need to ask your home insurance agent the exclusions and availability as some disasters strike when you least expect. Your insurer will guide you on some coverages you might want to consider in Cumming, GA. 

Understand the Deductibles 

It would help to know more about your deductible when buying home insurance. The deductible refers to the portion of the claim that you’ll account for when a disaster strikes. Consider a deductible that won’t strain your finances. 

For new homeowners, getting started with home insurance might be daunting. Worse still, the terms used are unfamiliar. Check out the Nolan Group in Cumming, GA, to better understand home insurance and the right cover for you.

How Do I KNow if My Car Qualifies for Classic Auto Insurance?

Is your car old enough for Classic Auto Insurance? You may wonder about this if you have a car that’s more than a decade old. It’s a good question. However, the answer isn’t so simple. Just having an old car doesn’t automatically make your vehicle eligible for classic auto insurance. Understanding what’s required is the first step. The Nolan Group of Cumming, GA can help Georgia drivers understand classic auto insurance and what cars are eligible.

What Is Classic Auto Insurance?
Classic auto insurance is designed for antique or classic cars. Different insurance agencies may define what’s classic or antique in ways that vary from one insurance agency to another. However, the Insurance Information Institute defines a classic or antique car as a car that’s at least twenty five or thirty years old. However, it should be noted that some agencies define a car as classic or antique at fifteen years old. 

Which Cars Qualify for this Type of Insurance?
Eligibility for classic auto insurance is determined by the age of your car and historic interest. Many may ask what historic interest is. This is a good question. Historic interest in terms of cars is defined as a car that is valued enough to restore or collect instead of scrapping.  It must be considered of sufficient historical interest to be deemed a collectible. Think muscle cars or hot rods…The age of a car can vary when it comes to defining whether or not a car is classic. Generally, a classic car is at least ten to twenty-four years old. Sometimes a ten-year-old car may be considered classic if it’s a limited production car.

What qualifies a car for classic insurance?
Most insurance companies will deem a car eligible for classic auto insurance if it’s fifteen years old or more, in mint condition, a second car, and driven less than 5,000 miles a year. In general, insurers define classic cars according to how they are used and their condition. We understand that classic auto insurance isn’t the most common insurance. As a result, drivers interested in this type of insurance may have many questions. We’re here to answer them. Give us a call. 

What Happens to Your Home Insurance When You Move?

Moving is a huge undertaking. Selecting a new home, packing, unpacking, there are so many things to do. While you are planning your move, don’t forget to speak with your insurance provider to see how it will impact your home insurance policy. The Nolan Group in Cumming, GA can help you through this part of the moving process. 

Can Your Policy Be Transferred? 

You can’t technically keep your current policy when you move. Each home will have a different value and factors that affect the risk involved with insuring the home, so a new policy will have to be issued for your new home. If your insurer provides policies for the area that you are moving to, you can stay with your current provider. This allows the insurance company to make the process as seamless as possible, and it may seem similar to just transferring your current policy in terms of convenience. 

When Should I Cancel the Old Policy and Begin the New One?

If you are selling a home and moving into a new one, it’s important to know that as long as you own the home, you are financially responsible for it. Even if you are no longer living there and have removed all your belongings, you shouldn’t cancel the policy until ownership of the home passes to the buyer. You should start the policy on your new home the moment you have ownership of the home. 

When a home is left unattended, there’s a greater chance for vandalism, theft, and accidents because someone is trespassing on the property, so don’t take any chances with a gap in homeowner’s coverage. 

Home Insurance at Nolan Insurance Group

At The Nolan Group, we understand that buying a home in Cumming, GA is an exciting but stressful experience. Our agents are here to make the process of insuring your home as easy as possible. 

Who is covered by my auto policy

An auto policy is something that protects you from not only other drivers but from the results of an accident where you are at fault. The state of GA requires that you have basic liability and your lender will require that you have collision and comprehensive coverage to protect their investment. If you live in Cumming, GA or the surrounding area, at The Nolan Group we have been serving our customers since 1996 and we have a team that understands the ins and outs of the insurance business. 

When you get your first policy or a renewal of your auto insurance, it includes a declaration page. On that page, which is the first page of your policy the drivers are listed. It says, insured drivers and additional drivers. All the members of your household who will be driving the car should be listed on this page. If you have children who will be driving the vehicle or vehicles they should be listed. If you add a new driver to the family you should call your insurance agent right away to get them on the policy. 

Does this mean that no one else can drive your car? Does it mean if your friend asks to borrow your car you have to say no? No that isn’t what it means. If you give a friend or family member who doesn’t live in your home permission to drive your vehicle, they will be cover to the limit of your policy. 

When you are ready to update your current auto insurance or look for a new policy why not give us a call. In Cumming, GA  at The Nolan Group we put our customers first and we will find you a policy that meets your needs. Give us a call or stop by our office for a no-obligation quote. 

When Purchasing Recreational Insurance, Should I Request Additional Liability Coverage?

Recreational insurance is a great way to cover any losses you may incur through personal injuries or property damage  In Cumming, GA, the agents of The Nolan Group can help you figure out how much recreational insurance you may need if you are planning on going on vacation. Whether you choose to rent an RV or take your own, you will want to protect yourself from financial loss.

Personal Injury

Personal injury is a major risk while you are out in the wilderness or out on the water. Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. With the right amount of recreational insurance in place, your policy will cover the costs of an injury that occurs while you are out in the woods or on the water.

Property Damage

Property damage is also a possibility if you are out in the wilderness. Falling trees, rocks, and water damage are also possible and can be expensive to repair or replace. No matter what type of equipment, watercraft, or RV you are using, it is important to be covered.

Do You Have Enough Coverage?

If you plan on taking a trip and using a recreational vehicle of any kind, you will want to talk to your insurance agent to determine whether or not you have enough recreational insurance coverage. 

Recreational insurance is a necessity for anyone who loves to camp or spend time out in the wilderness. In Cumming, GA, the agents of The Nolan Group are ready to discuss your options with you when it comes to recreational insurance. They will be able to find a policy for you that provides all of the coverage you need to feel secure while you are away from home.

5 Important Benefits Of Renters Insurance

The Nolan Group offers insurance coverage to the Cumming, GA community. We understand that life is often unpredictable. That’s why we strive to ensure that our clients are protected in any scenario.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance allows you to protect your assets as you attend to the demands of everyday life. You never know when a fire or severe storm may damage your property. Renters insurance helps make sure that you are covered.  

5 Benefits Of Renters Insurance

Emergency Lodging Is Covered

In severe cases, a natural disaster or fire could cause massive damage to your rental unit. You will be forced to stay somewhere else while your unit is repaired. If that happens, you can find some comfort in the fact that your emergency lodging will be covered. Your renter’s insurance policy ensures that you will not be left scrambling to find another place to stay.

Your Coverage Travels With You

While you are planning your next vacation, be aware that your policy will cover your unit and your belongings while you are traveling away from Cumming, GA.

Liability Coverage

Perhaps you are throwing a small party at your unit with some friends. Accidents can happen at any moment. In the event that one of your friends is injured at your unit, you will be covered.

Suitable For Families

If you are the parent of a young child, it is often a fun process watching them learn and grow. If your child makes a mistake while they are learning new things, your policy should cover any mistakes that your child makes which results in damage to another person’s property.

Less Stress On A Daily Basis

Everyday life throws out different challenges. When things start to get overwhelming, you’ll have some comfort in knowing that your rental property is secure.

The Nolan Group Will Help You Find The Right Policy

Visit our website today to learn more information about renter’s insurance.

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

You have purchased a motorcycle and love the freeing feeling you have while riding it but to have true peace of mind, you will want to ensure that your new ride is covered properly by obtaining a motorcycle insurance policy.

A motorcycle policy will offer coverage for motorcycles, fast street bikes also known as crotch rockets, mopeds, choppers, and Segways. There are several different coverage options you can choose from to protect your investment and if you borrowed the money to purchase your bike, you will be required to have full coverage insurance on your bike. Also, most states require that you at least have a liability policy on your motorcycle.

If you are involved in an accident while riding your motorcycle or it is stolen or damaged by vandalism or some type of disaster, you will want to have the following coverage:

Full Replacement: In case your bike is totaled, this coverage will replace it.

Comprehensive coverage will pay for damages that are sustained due to disasters, such as hail, wind, animals, or due to theft.

Medical payments in case you or your passenger is injured in a crash.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will help you fix your bike or replace it if the other driver involved in an accident does not have insurance coverage or not enough to cover damages.

You can also obtain insurance that will cover accessories to your bikes, such as sidecars, trailers, custom exhaust equipment, or even your safety apparel, such as chaps and helmets.

To obtain the best motorcycle insurance coverage, you will want to contact an experienced and knowledgeable motorcycle insurance agent to assist you in creating your policy. The trusted motorcycle insurance agents at The Nolan Group in Cumming, GA are available to help you with all of your insurance needs. Call for an appointment today!

Why Is Umbrella Insurance Important?

Umbrella insurance provides coverage beyond your primary policy, with much higher coverage limits. At The Nolan Group in Cumming, GA, we offer umbrella insurance to provide our customers with the financial protection they need.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is also known as catastrophic coverage. It doesn’t cover most claims, like a standard auto accident or house fire. Instead, it covers you in the event of a catastrophe. To qualify for umbrella insurance, you’ll need to have primary policies in place. If a claim exceeds the coverage limits of your primary policy, then umbrella insurance will cover the rest up to its coverage limit. Umbrella insurance is typically sold in increments of $1 million, up to $5 or $10 million. 

Why Umbrella Insurance Is Important

You are in a car accident with a surgeon who is now injured and will not be able to work again. This could easily result in millions of dollars in damages. A child slips on the side of your swimming pool and has to be hospitalized for a period of time. The medical bills quickly add up to more than your liability policy.

Umbrella insurance isn’t just for those with millions of dollars in assets. Yes, if you have significant assets, the court could seize them in a judgment against you. However, they can also garnish future earnings for years or even a lifetime. Umbrella insurance keeps you safe from claims that would be catastrophic to your financial stability and future. 

The Nolan Group offers umbrella insurance policies for Cumming, GA residents. If you would like to see if umbrella insurance is right for you, contact us today. Our agents will learn about your unique situation and recommend the right policy for you. 

How Much Condo Insurance Do I Need?

Owning a condo is an ever-popular housing choice – one that comes with its own unique set of insurance needs. Serving the Cumming, GA area, The Nolan Group has helped many local condo owners navigate finding the right condo insurance. We can help you, too. Let’s look at a few of the many factors that determine how much condo insurance you need. 

Learn Your Condo Association’s Coverage

The state of Georgia has specific laws dictating how much insurance an HOA or condo association is required to have. These laws state what the association is liable for in case of an accident or damages related to events such as a fire. The condo association is usually liable for damages to the external structures of the property itself, and some critical internal elements such as HVAC systems. An association can always opt to carry more than the minimum insurance and cover structures beyond what the law requires. That’s why it’s important to read and understand your individual condo association’s policy before choosing your personal condo insurance.

Estimate The Value Of Your Dwelling

Taking into account how much it would cost to replace your condo after a major accident can seem like a daunting task, but it’s well worth it. Some people can hire the help of a contractor to make this estimation easier. Sometimes, your bank or mortgage lender will specify an insurance value required as a part of your loan contract. If you do not have a quote from a contractor or a minimum requirement for your loan, then you can reach out to an insurance agent who can walk you through evaluating your dwelling’s worth. 

At The Nolan Group, we understand the difficulty in finding the right condo insurance alone. If you’re in the Cumming, GA area, call or use our free quote tool today to discover how we can fulfill your insurance needs!

Will Old Injuries Affect Life Insurance Rates?

We know that pre-existing conditions will affect rates when it comes to health insurance and life insurance, but what about old injuries? A lot of us have that ankle that still aches when it’s about to rain ever since we twisted it thirty years ago or a finger that healed a little crooked after that car accident. It’s just part of life. So does any of this have a meaningful impact on our life insurance?

The answer: Probably not.

Unless your injury creates a health condition that you’re still managing, life insurance companies in Cumming, GA aren’t too concerned with that time you fell off a ladder ten years ago.

What insurance companies are concerned with is risk, probability. That is, they’re not concerned with your old injuries, they’re concerned with your future injuries. Now, if you’re still working the same job where you sustained those injuries, then chances are you’re going to see higher premiums than you would be you working behind a desk somewhere or in the safety of a home office.

If you take care of yourself, if you’re not a habitual smoker or drinker, then you’re going to see much lower premiums on your life insurance policy than you would otherwise. Old injuries generally don’t play into your premiums in any meaningful way. Certain disabilities may have some influence on your premiums, but a leg that healed up a long time ago probably won’t.

If you’re still shopping around for life insurance in Cumming, GA, get in touch with The Nolan Group either by phone or through The Nolan Group website. They’ll help you to get the coverage that you need to take care of your loved ones.