Storm Damage? Here’s How to Handle It

The United States has been hit hard in recent years with unusually severe weather patterns. In many areas, this means that storms have become more frequent and more severe. If you experience storm damage to your home or property in Cumming, GA, here are the next steps that you need to take from The Nolan Group. 

1. Protect Your Home if Needed

If the storm has damaged your roof or windows and more rain is in the forecast, take steps to protect the structure from further damage. For instance, you can nail plywood over the windows or stretch a tarp over your roof to keep the elements from damaging the interior of your house. However, hold off on permanent repairs until after you have spoken to your insurance agent. They will want to send an adjuster to inspect the severity of the damage. 

2. Call Your Insurance Company

As soon as you can do it safely, make a call to your insurance company. If it’s during normal business hours, you may want to call the local office, but sending an email may be even faster. You may want to start a log of all the phone calls that you make. Note the date and time of each call as well as the names of any customer care representatives that you speak to. Don’t delay making the call.

3. Schedule the Adjuster

Don’t call contractors or other repairmen quite yet. The insurance company needs to send out an adjuster to look at the damage and estimate the damage. Write down the name of the adjuster and ask him how long you should wait before you can contact your agent to figure out the details of your claim.

4. Call Your Agent

When your agent has all the information that they need, you can discuss your options with your agent. Some insurance companies will write you a check and allow you to handle repairs, while others will pay the contractor directly. Make notes of what is said during these discussions so you can refer to them later.

5. Protect Yourself

Avoid using contractors who go door to door in the aftermath of a storm looking for work. You never know if they do good work or shoddy work. Instead, ask for recommendations from trusted friends and family members. Your agent may have suggestions for trustworthy contractors if needed.

If you have questions about your homeowner’s insurance and storm damage in Cumming, GA, contact The Nolan Group today.


What Makes Classic Car Insurance Unique?

Classic cars require a unique type of insurance to protect them. Whether it is a vehicle that you lovingly restored or one that you just enjoy driving, it still has to be insured when it is driven on the road. As classic cars are generally driven less frequently and under special conditions, the insurance reflects this. A few of the major differences are the insured value and the change in the vehicle’s value. The insured value will be set on an agreed value. Also, while regular vehicles routinely depreciate over time, classic cars generally increase in value. In the Atlanta and Cumming, GA area, the agents at The Nolan Group will get you the classic car insurance you need. 

The State of Georgia has several requirements for vehicles to qualify as classic cars. First, the vehicle can only be driven occasionally such as to meetups or shows. Also, it can’t serve as a primary vehicle. Some insurers require that those using the vehicle demonstrate that they have another vehicle for daily driving needs. It is often common for the owner to be required to store the vehicle in an enclosed structure when not in use. 

Otherwise, classic car insurance is similar to the policy you have on your primary vehicle. Insurers provide comprehensive and collision policies. Also, roadside assistance and flatbed towing are available when needed. If you frequently attend auto shows, medical coverage can be added to your policy to cover any injuries incurred at a show. Additional coverage can also be added if the car is on display when you are not there. 

In the Atlanta and Cumming, GA area, the agents at The Nolan Group understand how much your classic car means to you. Visit the website then come into our office to talk about your coverage options. You don’t trust your lovingly restored vehicle to just anyone, so get it covered by the experts at The Nolan Group today!


What Considerations Go Into the Type of Home Insurance You Have?

Homeowners insurance is a complicated matter since you have to know a specific set of terms when you go in to set up your policy. A quality insurance agent such as someone at The Nolan Group of the greater Cumming, GA area can walk you through what’s involved, but you’ll probably find it is a good idea to know some of this before you talk to a professional.

Home Insurance Coverage Basics

Home insurance is there to take care of the costs for repairs to your house, yard, and other structures. It also covers repairs and the replacement of belongings on the property. In addition, the policy should cover personal liability issues when someone gets injured in an accident on your property. Of course, there’s more to it that your agent will discuss with you, but these are the basics that are included in any home insurance policy.

HO-2 Policy

If you’re not concerned with having a broad umbrella of problems covered by your policy, an HO-2 policy is just fine. A relatively short list of the issues will be provided to you, including damage from smoke, lightning, fire, hail, windstorms, freezing of your household objects, and explosions.

HO-3 Policy

This is considered to be an "open-peril" policy. This covers all risks besides those that your insurance company excludes. Personal property only will receive the same level of coverage as under the HO-2 policy.

HO-5 Policy

This offers the broadest amount of protection for your property, both your dwelling and your personal belongings. Your insurer will explain clearly what problems are excluded from this.

There are several optional coverages you might want to get. These include the following:

  • Identity theft expense coverage: This covers any issues you may have with identity theft, including expenses you incur while recovering, and it also may assist you in paying for an identity theft advisor to help with additional credit repair issues.
  • Scheduled personal property endorsement: This will cover those high-end items (like jewelry and antiques) that exceed personal property limits.
  • Water backup coverage: This covers burst pipes and other water damages, not including any flood damage (which is a separate coverage area you can add).
  • Enhanced dwelling protection: If your construction costs are higher than you expect, you can avoid having to use your savings for this expense.

No matter the type of home insurance and extras you want, someone at The Nolan Group can help you. Serving Cumming, GA, and beyond, our top-notch company will make the process easier.

Do You Need Vehicle Liability Insurance in Georgia?

Those who own and lease registered vehicles in the State of Georgia are required to carry liability insurance coverage. The coverage needs to be maintained as long as the car is registered. Vehicles that do not have an active registration should not be driven. While drivers in Cumming, GA are required to receive an insurance card from the insurance company, the insurance company, like The Nolan Group, must also submit that proof electronically to the Georgia Department of Revenue. Fleet vehicles, IRP (international registration plan) vehicles, and self-insured vehicles are exempt from the electronic requirement. 

Insurance Cards

The State of Georgia requires drivers to carry insurance cards listing the applicable vehicle coverage(s). The card should be present in the car, but the electronic transmission from the insurance company serves as proof of insurance. Drivers may need to provide the insurance card as proof of coverage when driving in another state. They may also need to provide the card if they are involved in an accident. Self-insured drivers and drivers of a fleet or IRP vehicles will need insurance cards as proof of liability coverage. 

What if I Lose My Insurance?

If you switch insurance companies or lose coverage, a lapse occurs if there are ten days or more between the termination and reinstatement dates. Should you terminate coverage with one company and start a new policy on the same day or within less than ten days, Georgia does not recognize it as a failure to maintain coverage. Your insurance company is required to submit the new coverage information electronically within 30 days. A loss or lapse in coverage could lead to fines.

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Should You Reduce Your Recreational Insurance in the Winter?

Some people wonder if they should reduce or even drop their recreational insurance in the winter. At The Nolan Group in Cumming, GA, we want you to have the exact coverage you need to be protected, and we urge you to keep some coverage on your recreational vehicle year-round for a variety of reasons. 

Keep Your Recreational Insurance Even While Your Vehicle is Garaged or Parked

You should not ever completely drop your insurance coverage because things can happen to your RV, Motor home, or ATV even while parked in your yard. It happens, and we want you to be protected. 

There are times when some choose to drop aspects of their insurance to save some on their premiums but keep in mind that you will need to call and reinstate your protection if you decide on a whim to enjoy your property. 

The weather in North Georgia can fluctuate significantly in the winter months and you never know when a random day will feel so great you will want to enjoy a weekend in the mountains in your RV or off-roading on your ATV. It is a matter of convenience to not need to call in and increase your coverage so you are not left short. If you keep your coverage you can use your vehicles as you wish on a whim and always stay protected if anything goes wrong.  

Contact us at The Nolan Group to learn more about recreational insurance year-round and to make sure you are adequately covered. We serve Atlanta and Cumming, GA with year-round insurance services from frosty fall days to sunny summer months and all the moments in between. 

What recent grads need to know about their renter insurance policies

If you are a recent grad in the greater Cumming, GA area, The Nolan Group is here to help you with all of your insurance needs. Having a basic renter insurance policy is a great first step, but have you reviewed your policy to ensure that it has all the coverage that you need? Now is the perfect time to review your policy and make sure that you and your belongings are protected. 

All renter insurance policies aren’t the same!

When you sign up for a renter insurance policy, it can be tempting to just go with the first one that you come across. This can sometimes work out alright, but in many cases, you may find that you don’t have the coverage you need. When you begin adulthood and your career, making sure that your home and your possessions are protected is a great first step! It’s important to take the time to review your options and determine which policy makes the most sense for your unique situation. Meeting with a local agent can help the task feel less overwhelming and can also provide an opportunity to ensure that you have the insurance coverage that you need.

Don’t think that you can skate by without renter insurance, as your landlord’s policy won’t cover your domicile or its contents! Finding the right policy at the right coverage level is the right step as you begin your adult life.

Not sure if you have the right renter insurance policy and levels? If you are in the greater Cumming, GA area, call or stop by The Nolan Group today for a full policy review. Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out that you don’t have the coverage you need!

Is Umbrella Insurance Just For Business Owners?

Insurance Answers Are Never Simple – In Cumming, GA or Anywhere Else For That Matter

Though umbrella insurance is often associated with commercial and business insurance policies, by definition they can be used with other insurance products as well. Umbrella insurance begins where standard insurance policies end – in terms of coverage amounts. If a standard  Insurance policy has a coverage limit of up to $500,000, your liability has exceeded that amount and you are responsible for paying $750,000 on a particular claim, your umbrella insurance policy will cover the excess. Speaking with a knowledgeable agent at our agency will make you feel more comfortable, knowing if your lifestyle dictates that you require this additional coverage. 

Umbrella insurance can be added peace of mind.  As a result, it can be used with your automobile, your home, as well as with your business.  That means that umbrella insurance is not just for commercial business owners though it’s easy to see where their liability can be excessive. This is often time because business owners are responsible for their entire enterprise. 

Because insurance is such a specific and varied item you’ll find that speaking with a professional insurance agent will net the most effective answers.  Our agents take the time to get the right information and to become familiar with your particular situation. Let’s face it, insurance protects your life. It should be as unique and adaptable as every individual’s unique lifestyle.

The agents at The Nolan Group in Cumming, GA has the answers to all of your insurance questions. If we don’t know an answer we will get the information so that we can learn together. Servicing the following states: Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia and Mississippi, the agents at The Nolan Group offer auto insurance, home insurance, as well as commercial insurance products. Contact us today at 770-945-6662. 

Protect Your Motorcycle With Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you’re an avid, all-year motorcycle rider or you only hope on your bike a handful of times a month, you need to protect yourself and your vehicle with the right motorcycle insurance. When you live in or around Cumming, GA The Nolan Group can help. So no matter the motorcycle or how long you’ve been riding, the team will help connect you with an insurance policy that fits your personal needs. 

Any Kind Of Riding

It doesn’t matter how often you ride your motorcycle or how far you go, you need to have motorcycle insurance. If your motorcycle is your everyday mode of transportation there are other add-ons you might want to consider, including roadside assistance. This way, if your bike ever breaks down while you’re out and about, you can call a tow truck and your insurance will cover it. 

Liability Insurance

As you are at a greater risk of injury while on your motorcycle you’ll want to protect yourself. Liability insurance is one such option. Now, every rider is different and it will hinge on a number of factors, but you should talk with your insurance agency to determine the right kind of liability protection for you and your bike. 

Any Bike

There are all kinds of motorcycles out there. So whether you’re riding a crotch rocket, a chopper, or somewhere in between, you need to protect your motorcycle with motorcycle insurance. 

It doesn’t matter if you go on long road trips or ride your bike to the local ice cream shop, when living in Cumming, GA you need to have motorcycle insurance. If you have questions regarding a particular policy or you’re just now considering a motorcycle purchase, now is the time to give the team at The Nolan Group a call. 

Does Subletting a Condo Void Its Insurance?

Many people in Cumming, GA live in condos, and some like to sublet them out during certain times of the year. This may be a mistake for many people because it could affect their condo in many ways. But will their insurance be affected? Let us at The Nolan Group figure this out for you. 

Subletting Shouldn’t Affect Your Insurance

Most of the time, subletting shouldn’t affect your insurance policy. After all, you do own the condo and can do what you like with it in this way. However, you may run into a problem if you use a timeshare and try to give it to somebody else. This may be against your condo’s rules or those of your policy and could either cause a policy increase or a cancellation. 

Thankfully, though, this type of cancellation or penalty is quite rare. You may experience a higher rate if you sublet a condo and your insurance company doesn’t appreciate it. However, the potential of this kind of increase varies depending on your policy and your company. 

Subletting Could Cause Problems With Your Condo 

Your condo’s ruling board may frown upon you subletting your condo and try to make you pay fees for this option. If you agree to this type of fee in your condo contract, there’s not much you can do here but pay. And if your subletter causes damage that your insurance must repair, you’ll need to pay for it with your policy, not your condo company.

Finding Help 

If you’re struggling to find high-quality condo insurance that won’t be affected by subletting, please don’t hesitate to contact us at The Nolan Group. We serve Cumming. GA and the surrounding area and will help you get the policy that you need for your condo’s protection.

No Such Thing as One-Size-Fits-All Life Insurance – What’s Your Fit

When it comes to life insurance, there’s a policy to fit every life stage and every budget. If you were to put life insurance into two drawers, you might label one drawer whole life insurance and the other one term life insurance. According to the American Council of Life Insurers, nearly 11 million life insurance policies were bought in 2016  — about 4.3 million were term life policies and  6.4 million were whole life policies, if you’re not sure which drawer you should open, the Nolan Group which serves Cumming, GA can help you sort it out.

Term Life Insurance

If you’re looking for life insurance that comes in increments, you want to look into the drawer holding term life insurance policies. It is available to cover periods of from one to 30 years. Depending on what amount of death benefit you choose, your survivors will be paid that amount should you die within that period. However, if you live, the benefit disappears at the end of the term. 

Other Options

Term life insurance can be further separated into two piles in the drawer.

  • Level term life insurance pays the same death benefit over the entire course of the policy.
  • Decreasing term life insurance pays lesser amounts as the term nears its end.

Whole Life Insurance

If you’re looking for a policy that will cover you for the rest of your life, you’ll want to look into the whole life policy drawer. Unlike term life insurance,  it has no time limit. It will pay your relatives the death benefit you have chosen whether you live to 66, 96, or 106. Another way whole life differs from the term is that, in addition to a death benefit, it has a cash value component that grows tax-deferred as the policy matures. Should the insured need to pay off a debt, contribute toward a child’s college tuition, or supplement retirement income, he or she can borrow against it, or withdraw cash. 

Also known as permanent life insurance, whole life is good for anyone on a budget because, although it’s more expensive than term life, the premium is locked in. If purchased at a relatively young age when the insured is in good health, he or she will pay less than they would if they wait until a more advanced age or when they have health issues when the cost of a premium with the same death benefit will be substantially more. 

There are several types of permanent life insurance in addition to whole life, which is the simplest.

  • Universal life insurance which also accumulates a tax-free cash value but is a bit more flexible since it allows the insured to designate how much of the premium will go toward the death benefit and how much will go toward the cash value account.
  • Indexed universal life insurance  which invests the cash value more aggressively but comes with the disadvantage of losing value
  • Variable life insurance which also allows the insured to grow the cash value by investing in equities or other options. Again this comes with a risk of loss.

These are but several of the life insurance options open to those living in Cumming, GA. If you’re not sure which is a perfect fit, the agents at The Nolan Group are always available to help you try on a few options.